During my working life as an artist I’ve used all sorts of media and produced many kinds of work, so at different times I’ve thought of myself as a graphic artist, sometimes a textile artist, and sometimes a designer/maker, but really I’m all of these.

I also take photographs, and I write, and some of my work has combined both writing and imagery – but these days I’m mostly retired from professional work and what I do is draw, in sketchbooks.

Some of my current work in is on the Drawings page and on my postings on the Blog; this is where you’ll find my sketching project of the restoration work at Cliffe Castle Park during 2016 and 2017, Drawing The Work.  Posts about daily life and events in the park I’ve called Life in The Landscape; this also includes posts on my Perimeter Walk project, A Park of Many Parts. For the most part the rest of the site is an archive of work that I’ve done throughout the last 25  years.

From time to time there are things I want to share and offer as downloads or online resources. This page is where you’ll find them.

You’ll also find me on Instagram as @deborahrehmat and my cartoon drawings are there too, at @the.unintentionals.

Sketch from my project Drawing The Work – a record of the restoration work at Cliffe Castle Park during 2016 and 2017


There are lots of ways all my different areas of work have overlapped, but there are common denominators: the first is landscape, the seasons and the natural world; another would the interplay between fragility and strength, especially as things age and deteriorate, and the third is wellbeing – (especially resonant for me as a long time sufferer of ME/CFS) – the search for ways in which we all try, in one way or another, to find wholeness and healing.


Old Sheds